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Success Stories

Neurocare for Everyone.

1 in 6 of the world’s population suffers from neurological disorders. Yet, very few have access to a neurologist.
We are on a mission to democratize access to neurological care and awareness across the globe through technology.

Created by students and mentors in our virtual accelerator.

Janice Hu

Y-Labs Fellow, High school senior and Violinist, and Creative Leader

Talal Muzzafar

Y-Labs Fellow, BS Computer Science (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), Product Education Leader.

Evergreen Therapy

Eliminating Barriers in Mental Health.

Evergreen is building a mental health platform for teens and working with schools to eliminate barriers to mental health resources (cost, long waits), increase awareness, and eliminating stigma.

Teens suffer from depression and other mental disorders and require access to mental health resources. However, many barriers to treatment get in the way – high costs (42%), long waits (38%), lack of awareness (29%), and stigma (21%). Especially in the Bay Area, the struggle with mental health is more severe, increasing 62% annually, given immense pressure to outperform academically.

Created by students and mentors in our virtual accelerator.

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