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Future Ready Masterclass

Live Reverse Classrooms starts September 1st, 2021
Continuous Asynchronous Learning  

  • Masterclasses taught by seasoned professionals and industry executives.

  • Continuous, lifetime access to Y-labs learning platform and masterclass curriculum. 

  • Live classes are held weekdays after regular school or on weekends, depending on your choice.

  • Connect with other talented and ambitious youngsters around the US and globally.

  • Learn from and interact with accomplished and award-winning experts and executives in Y-Labs Expert Speaker Series.


Taught by seasoned professionals and industry executives to prep you for a dynamic, successfully and fulfilling career.

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Personal Finance for Teens

Learn how to manage finances effectively through budgeting, investing, e.t.c

1: Goal Setting. 2: Budgeting. 3: Growing Money. 4: Credit & Credit Cards. 5: Cryptocurrencies. 6: Stocks. 7: Capstone Projects

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Human Centered Design

Learn a creative approach to solving problems that truly meet human needs.

1: Design for Everyday. 2: Stanford Design Process. 3: Class Exercises and Review. 4: 3-Steps in HCD. 5: Capstone Projects.

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The Science of Well-being & Leadership

Access your purpose, manage time effectively, deal with negative emotions, and communicate with confidence.

1: Constraints Framework. 2: Points of Influence. 3: Personal Mission Statement. 4: Development Continuum. 5: Setting Goals Right Away.


Online Safety Course

Learn how to navigate the internet safely, easily spot and fact-check misinformation e.t.c

1: Navigating the Internet. 2: Responsible Digital Natives. 3: Fact-checking Misinformation. 4: Avoid Cyber Attacks. 5: Research Project.


Expert Speaker Series

Interact with and be inspired by the life journeys of some of the most successful leaders in Silicon Valley.

Register for Free Sessions | Connect with Award Speakers and Experts.

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