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Dear Friends! 



We are excited to introduce you to The Silicon Valley Founders Secrets Podcast. 


Our show reveals the surprising stories and secrets of inspiring leaders who are making a powerful contribution to the world. We interview founders, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who help make Silicon Valley the innovation hub of the world. 


Mahama and I are two Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs with backgrounds in business, engineering and finance. Our diverse experiences as successful immigrants, immersed in Silicon Valley, has given us a unique perspective on what makes great leaders excel.


Please join us as we deconstruct the lives of extraordinary leaders from Silicon Valley and highlight the influences, adversity and people that helped shape them. If you are passionate about making a positive change in the world, Silicon Valley Founders Secrets is for you.


Our hope is that the humanity and courage of the leaders showcased in our podcast will inspire you to make a bigger impact wherever you are in the world. Enjoy the show!

Mahama and Christina

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